Candidate Statement by Christof Paar for the IACR BoD Election

Topicbild I have been working in applied cryptography since 1995. I find it fascinating to observe how our discipline is getting more mature and specialized. When I started there were essentially two conferences, Crypto and Eurocrypt, and today we have seven main events plus numerous smaller ones. Being a co-founder of CHES I am partially to blame for this specialization. I believe we can truly advance our field in the future by interdisciplinary research, especially combining theory and applications. It would like to continue to encourage collaboration across our sub-disciplines. The co-location of CRYPTO and CHES in 2010 and 2013 are successful examples for this.

  • Co-Founder of CHES
  • General Co-Chair of Eurocrypt 2009
  • Program Co-Chair for RFIDsec 2011
  • Program Co-Chair of CHES 99-2003
  • member CHES steering committee
  • member of RFIDsec steering committee
  • member of ECC Workshop steering committee